Hello I'd like to introduce myself as David Brown the Mayor of Godmanchester.

You're joining us on a late February day on 2010 where we are going to witness the replacement of the iconic Godmanchester Bridge that we've enjoyed since its design in 1827 by a chap called James Gallier an Irishman who at the young age of 29 designed this and this is going to be the current replacement and hope much valued addition to preserving Godmanchester town scene.

Having lived in the town for 16 years now, my wife and I have always associated Godmanchester with this bridge and as you can see behind me we have the first half

that's going to be floated on some pontoons and temporarily suspended by a crane this evening to be followed up tomorrow by the second half which will mate on the Town Hall side, which will link in the main town with the recreation centre.
We are very proud to be able to benefit from the financial contribution that Highways and District Council have committed to support this feature, we are very proud of it and its all in keeping with the kind of architecture that was the form in early 19th Century.

I know that a lot of people have a very romantic association with this bridge they feel that there is no other thing other that perhaps St-Marys church that signifies the character and tranquility of the town.

So we hope that you enjoy this limited edition and will gain some kind of tangible connection with the history of Godmanchester.