Then And Now

Buildings in Godmanchester, lost forever. If you have any photo’s of buildings that were demolished or maybe just fell down in Godmanchester and would like them featured on this site then please get in touch with us.

Allthough not a building that has been lost, the list below shows the busineses and jobs that some Godmanchester residents had in 1924. Many of the public houses are now residential homes or the buildings have been demolished. Many trades listed such as "Cowkeeper" and "Wheelwright" are either no longer in exsistance or are no longer in widespread use. It isn't an exhausted list and has been taken from the back of a map.

pipers-lane-thumbThis was No 4 Pipers Lane. Alfred Bosworth was born in this house in 1908.


The lady standing in front of the house is Alfred’s mother Florence with her dog “Tiny”. The house was compulsory purchased by the council and demolished in the late 1950’s.


The Particular Baptist Chapel build in 1815 and was situated in Cambridge Street. At the time this photograph was taken by Alfred Hendrey in 1905 the Pastor was Joseph Oldfield (1882- 1916). The Chapel was demolished in the 1960’s and all that


It is uncertain when the Mill was built (The Domesday Survey recorded the existence of three mills in Godmanchester) but the earliest record of the Corporation of  Godmanchester letting the Mill seems to be in 1499 when it was leased to a John Stokes with a clause in


The Hog and Chequers Inn in Chadley Lane was demolished in 1926 to allow alterations to be made to the Vicarage corner.  One of the landlords of the Inn was a Mr Robert Bullard who was also a rod merchant and basket maker.


Great Eastern Railway bridge linking Huntingdon East Station to Godmanchester. The bridge was a two track wooden trestle bridge constructed in 1850.  The line ran through a cutting in Huntingdon’s Castle Hills.


The Mill cottages fronting the Mill Yard in Post Street can be seen on the left.  The cottages were demolished (date unknown) and the yard is now a council car park. If anybody knows the date when these were demolished or you have details about who lived there, please get in touch.