Allthough not a building that has been lost, the list below shows the busineses and jobs that some Godmanchester residents had in 1924. Many of the public houses are now residential homes or the buildings have been demolished. Many trades listed such as "Cowkeeper" and "Wheelwright" are either no longer in exsistance or are no longer in widespread use. It isn't an exhausted list and has been taken from the back of a map.

  1. Abbott Enoch-Knighbon, boot & Shoe Maker 
  2. Allen Elijah & Son, blacksmiths
  3. Allen Willian, farmer
  4. Almshouses, Pinfold lane
  5. Archer Edward, shopkeeper
  6. Ashley Brothers, farmers
  7. Ashley Walter Ernest, monumental & general mason; designs estimates submitted
  8. Barnardo's Homes (organiser for Hunts GB Rutland, William P. Anderson, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar school)
  9. Barringer & Connington, coal merchants, London & North Eastern Railway yard
  10. Barringer & Sons, Haulage Contractors
  11. Boot Thomas William, news agent & town crier
  12. Bosworth Charles, chimney sweeper
  13. Brawn Sidney, farmer
  14. Browns & Goodman, flour millers; on Mondays at Corn Exchange, St. Ives. T A "Browns, Huntingdon;" TN 25 Huntingdon
  15. Burton John William, bricklayer
  16. Butcher Fred, shopkeeper
  17. Childs & Hall, boat. bldrs. Ouse villa
  18. Childs William, fishmonger
  19. Clayton & Son, saddlers
  20. Clements Frederick J. beer retailer
  21. Coles William, boot repairer
  22. Dee William George, painter
  23. Dixon H. & Son, corn merchants
  24. Early closing day, Wednesday.
  25.  Fairy William Dew & Son, bakers & corn merchants
  26. Flint Allen, gardener to Mrs. Bevan
  27. Ford Walter H. Woolpack P.H 
  28. Fowell Alfred, oil pump manufact
  29. Fowler Harry, insurance agent
  30. Francis George Frederick, farmer, The Chestnuts
  31. Gadsby Jn. Topham, farmr. Riverside
  32. Garner John, shopkeeper
  33. Garner Samuel, jobmaster
  34. Gill Albert James, motor engineer
  35. Godmanchester Town Football Club (A. J. Wiseman, sec)
  36. Hall Alfred George, boat builder, see Ohilds 6: Hall
  37. Herbert George James, farmer
  38. Herbert Harry L. farmer
  39. Houghtgn Chas. Amos, Red Lion P.H
  40. Hunt Wallace, photographer
  41. James William Lavender, Farmer
  42. James Wm.Willis, stationer, Post Office
  43. Kent William, White Hart P.H
  44. Kisbey Robert, corn, cake & seed mer
  45. Looker John, farmer
  46. Maile Minnie (Miss), confectioner 
  47. Marked thus farm 150 acres or over.
  48. Markham & Co.grocers, The Causeway
  49. Mason Joseph, dairyman
  50. Mason Percy James, dairyman
  51. Matson Arthur, motor engineer
  52. Matson Walter, cowkeeper
  53. Matson William, joiner
  54. Misseldine Charles, insurance agent
  55. Moore John, marine store dealer
  56. Oglesby John, grocer
  57. Page Edward, farmer
  58. Page George R. Wheelwright
  59. Page James, Rose 85 Crown P.H
  60. Parker John, Railway inn P.H
  61. Pearse William Henry, confectioner
  62. Peck William, baker
  63. Pendred William, Queen's Head P.H
  64. Pettit Chas & Son, market gardnrs
  65. Pettit Emma (Mrs), apartments
  66. Pettit Limited, builder
  67. Proctor Bertie John, house decorator
  68. Pumfrett George, furniture dealer
  69. Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (William Pratt Anderson, master)
  70. Reed Brothers, farmers, Duck end
  71. Reeve Harry, market gardener
  72. Regnart, Robert, shopkeeper
  73. Rutledge Jabez, blacksmith
  74. Searle Frederick, ironmonger
  75. Slack William Son, butchers
  76. Smart William, agricultural & motor engineer; motor car springs made & repaired & blacksmith
  77. Smith Robert & Co Tailors
  78. Steeples Hector, baker
  79. Stevens George, borough surveyor
  80. Storey Frank, coal merchant
  81. Summers Frank, fruit, grower
  82. Teb Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  83. Thackray F.B. & Co.Limited. builders & contractors & at Huntingdon
  84. Thompson Samuel, jobbing gardener
  85. Townsend Alfred, draper
  86. Underwood John, farmer
  87. Walker Edward T. Royal Oak P.H
  88. Walker John, farmer
  89. Ward Frederick William, shopkeeper
  90. Whybray Ernest, grocer: London str
  91. Wiseman Alfred J. Tailor
  92. Witney John H. butcher
  93. Yarnold Wm. Son, motor garage
  94. Zonprillo Josef, hair dresser & masseur


  1. Anderson William Pratt (master), Queen Elizabeth's Grammar school
  2. Baxter Richard, Syringa
  3. Bevan Misses. Ermine cottage
  4. Bevan Mrs. Island hall
  5. Bright Mrs. Lynton house
  6. Brighty Frederick William.Green and Dexter John, Westbury house
  7. Duesberry Misses, Island cottage
  8. Fordham Thomas Blott
  9. Francis George Fredk. The Chestnuts
  10. Gadsby Mrs. Charles Henry
  11. Gadsby Mrs. Corpus Christi house
  12. Gadsby Mrs. John, Riverside
  13. Harcourt Mrs
  14. Hebberb Mrs. H. T. Riverlea
  15. Herbert Miss
  16. Herbert, George James
  17. Hunnybun Gerald, Old Court hall
  18. Kirkpatrick Mrs. Dial house
  19. Lock Mrs. The Red house
  20. Looker John
  21. Markham Aubury J.P. Hampton house
  22. Markham Miss E. Laburnum cottage
  23. Markham Miss M. Letwell house
  24. Mason Henry, The Priory
  25. Metherell Harry Osman, The Green
  26. Napier Charles Fredk. The Grove
  27. Oldfield Mrs Openshaw Thomas Horrocks, The Schae
  28. Pledger Anthony John J.P. Chadleigh house
  29. Reeve George
  30. Saltmarsh Mrs. The Limes
  31. Sloman Mrs. Ye Old cottage
  32. Smith William, Apthorpe house
  33. Stables John Percy Lister Durell J.P. Offord hill
  34. Stephen Miss, Holmehurst
  35. Stromberg Rev. William Webster M.A. (vicar), Vicarage
  36. Thackray Miss
  37. Thompson Miss Elise, Pomona
  38. Tillard Mrs. The Holme
  39. Towgood Robt. Louis J.P. Farm hall
  40. Tysoe Donald F. The Hermitage
  41. Tysoe Joseph William, Mill house
  42. Whitehead Misses