Hello my names Danny Ward and I'm working on behalf of Atkins and we're here to tell you about the Chinese Bridge being removed.

It's a very special job we've, we found it very exciting, I think all the crew here have been fantastic especially the crane driver when they managed to lift the bridge out in one piece. It's a very unusual job we dont get many of these so its been very interesting.

Interviewer "Can I ask you about the chain saws and what happened with them?"

What it was we didn't take into account there would be a steal plate underneath the bridge so the chain saws obviously couldn't cut all the way through the wood, so we had to go back and get a steal saw to cut through the steel plates on the bottom and as you could see the chain saws got blunted by one of the blades so we had to renew the blades on it.

Interviewer "Was there anything special about the cranes?"

Well the crane that we bought in was actually a 300 Tonne crane so the lifting capability of it was immense, it was way over the top for what we needed but its better to be safe than sorry you know.

Interviewer "And this crane?" (Crane behind Danny)

And this crane here? This is just a higher of the back of the lorry, we're having a crane coming in soon to lift the second section of the bridge and it should be going in today hopefully.

Interviewer "And the crane coming in, is that a 300 tonner?"

I'm not sure how big the crane whats coming in is, I know we had to have the 300 Tonne crane for the lift out because they was worried about the rotten underneath of the bridge and it falling apart on lifting. I think the Slingers and the Banksman done a fantastic job because they managed to sling it at 8 points and managed to keep it in one piece which was fantastic. The crane driver was absolutely immense he was very smooth and he managed to keep things very sturdy whilst going through.