Following a meeting on Tuesday 2nd March 1920 of the Comrades of the Great War of which Colonel Chichester, the Chief Constable for the area, was the Captain of the Post, it was decided to form a club in Godmanchester for the Comrades. The Club was to be called "Comrades of the Great War Club, Godmanchester", with subscription being 4/- per year and Visitors being allowed in on payment of 1d.

The club was officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant on Friday 19th May 1920. The President was Colonel Chichester, Vice-President a Mr. Markham, with 5 Committee men, 2 auditors and 17 members. The club wished to extend so it negotiated the purchase of a wooden hut from the soldiers of the 1st World War, for the sum of £50, to be funded by the issue of debenture shares at a cost of £1 with 5% interest. However this proved a fruitless venture because in 1922 the hut was sold because of lack of use.

1926 saw the resignation of Colonel Chichester who had presided over the club for nearly 7 years. He retired through ill-health and on Friday 14th January 1927 Reverend Kitchener was elected the new President.

Since 1924 the club had been having difficulties with the various owners of the premises so the Committee sought out their own destiny by purchasing some vacant land owned by a Mr. Markham at a cost of £75. Sir William Prescott offered a hut 80"X 24" to the club free of charge. This possibly stirred the brewery owners into action and at a meeting on Tuesday 29th March 1932 they offered to sell the premises including the Constitutional Hall to the club for £800. An Offer of £650 was made and accepted. Sir William Prescott very kindly offered the club to loan the money free of interest as well as providing a wooden extension costing £100.

In 1952 the ladies issued was raised when the Huntingdon & District Darts League wanted to use the club's facilities for darts competitions and also requested admission of ladies. The main request was granted but the admission of ladies was refused. 1952 saw the club purchase its first cash register.

1959 saw the "News of the World" holding its area finals in the club.

1960 saw the election of Mr. P Thompson as President, and Mr. E Summers as Vice-President.

1961 saw ladies being admitted without paying the visitors fee. The first steps were taken to make alterations to the bar and toilets assisted by Whitbread's Brewery and over the next two years well over £5000was spent on improvements. 1961 also saw the club purchasing 53 Cambridge St, which was demolished some years later.

The Club Continued to prosper with bar takings increasing which allowed more money to be spent on improvements. Takings at the 1964 Annual General Meeting were reported as £13078. The same year it was decided that ladies tickets would be sold to members for wives and girlfriends at a cost of 1/- per visit. This ticket would allow ladies to visit the club unaccompanied on said occasion as the committee decided with no more than one ticket being issued per person. It was also decided that membership cards would be issued to members.

1965 saw the purchase of 1 St Anne's Lane which was to be demolished and used as Car parking.

Another momentous decision was made when at a Committee meeting held on 20th July 1967 the Secretary was instructed to arrange for different type of toilet paper in Ladies toilet

On 19th March 1971 saw the building that is still the Current Concert hall. This was obviously a major works for the club taking over 7 months to complete. With the new hall it was decided that there would be bingo and light entertainment on Fridays, main entertainment on Saturdays and family nights on Sundays. With child not below 5 years being admitted.

In 1988 Hinchingbrooke Hospital launched an appeal for a Scanner. Organizations throughout the district raised money and the Comrades Club was no exception. Various functions took place in the club including raffles, groups giving their services free for a dance on Sunday nights and over a number of months the club raised a total of £3500.

The Club has faced difficult times particularly post 1997 in a market that is continually changing and facing new challenges as people strive to take advantage of the many facilities on offer from private organizations.  In March 1998, Basil Seaman reverted to his Vice-President's role with Mr. Lou Livesey taking over as President, Mr. Basil Seaman resigned as Vice-President in March 1999 with Alan Suter taking over. Alan had performed most roles in the club, Deputy Steward, Social Secretary, Committeeman and now Vice President.

In March 2000 saw the end of another era with the then President, Mr. Lou Livesey, retiring. Mr. Livesey had performed various roles in the club and with his expertise in running the White Hart he was a valued member of the management Committee. In April 2001 Mr. Alan Suter & Mr. Fred Carter were elected unopposed to the Office of President and Vice President. This meant that Mr. Alan Suter had carried out all roles within the Club except Secretary and Steward. The Queen celebrated her Jubilee in 2002 and the Club hosted a number of events with the aim of raising money for Charity. The final figure was £2,600 which was split equally and on Saturday 8th June cheques were presented to the "The Laurels' (a children's home for severely handicapped children) and The Woodlands Centre (assisting people with Cancer). Mr.T. Fechter had announced his resignation from the position of Social Secretary effective from July 2002. The Committee took over the running of the social side but in August 2002 Mr. M. Cooper took over the position as Social Secretary.

The club's continued to face difficult times with a gradual dwindling of support not only in the Sports & Lounge Bars but also the Saturday night dances. The Committee was concerned so they organized a survey of Club Members to gauge reasons as to what members wanted and what they saw wrong with the Club. The Survey results were independently assessed by Messrs. T. Fechter, L. Livesey & M. Chandler with a report being produced for the Committee, which was then placed on notice board for all members to read.

The club's problems continued so in February 2004 an "Open' meeting was held to advise members of the state of the club and for the Committee to glean ideas from members to improve support at the club.

Mr. Fred Carter announced that owing to work commitments he would not be able to continue as Vice President and handed in his resignation. This ended along association by Mr. Fred Carter in various positions in the club. At the Annual elections Mr. M. Cooper was elected as Vice President. The attendances for Saturday night dances was of great concern to the Committee with the result that from April 2004 they decided that one Saturday night per month there would be no dance and that members would be able to hire the hall for their own functions

Over the past two year the club has seen a downturn in its membership base. The Committee had to make some changes to the way the club operates to ensure its survival.


The clubs Committee has seen a lack of members willing to serve on the Committee. Over the last two elections no new members joined the Committee. Last year gill Wallwein left the Committee after many years service to the club, but has kept up an interest in the running of the bingo with Alan Suter Club president. Martyn Cooper the clubs Vice President and Entertainment Secretary has had to reduce the amount of events at the club due to a downturn in members using the club.